UnBooked was created to maximize your revenue.

UnBooked is a solutions-driven tech company inspired to implement demand-based pricing for appointment-based businesses.  Our revolutionary price optimization and purchasing platform seizes every opportunity to maximize your revenue.

Sell your unbooked times at the right price and book yourself solid.  One price does not fit all.

We help businesses maximize revenue by offering the right price, to the right customer, at the right time. That’s our passion.

We’ve all seen it work so well in the airline and hotel industry, now this pricing strategy can work for your business. UnBooked also provides an enhanced customer purchasing page on the front-end, which syncs up with your scheduling software to book on the back-end. This ensures you can put your best foot forward when selling to the customer, all while keeping life-as-you-know it intact.

Founded in 2014, and backed by premiere supporters.

With seed capital from Tech Coast Angels and additional funding from Pasadena Angels and The Ace Fund, we’ve completed R&D and are now establishing B2B partnerships leveraging our core technology.

2 years in the making, 20,000+ man hours, and multiple patents pending.

We’ve invested two years of dedicated R&D and nearly 400 real-world experiments to perfect a game-changing, patent-pending technology for appointment-based businesses.

Core technology leverages key industry partners.

Our dedicated tenacity over the past two years has led to a tried and proven technology - a key solution for our fellow industry partners. Appointment-based businesses, scheduling platforms, coupons companies, and publishers, alike, now have direct access to a new revenue stream via a stunning, totally customizable platform and button – created by UnBooked.