Q: What is yield management

A: Selling to the right customer, at the right time, and at the right price. One price does not fit all. How much does it cost to fly to LA? It depends. How much does it cost to get an appointment at your business? It should depend too.

Yield Management uses demand-based pricing strategy in order to maximize revenue or profits from a time-limited resource - such as airline seats, hotel room reservations, and now services.

Q: Why should my service business be using yield management?

A: Simply put, to make more money. You know best, that when your time is money, you have no time to lose.
Applying yield management to your customer's booking process will help you seize every opportunity to maximize your profits.

The price of your service appointment may be $100 for an hour, but if 50% of your week is unbooked then you're really only making $50 an hour on average.

UnBooked, and yield management, will offer the right pricing at the right times for that appointment - lowering your percentage of unbooked times, and increasing how much you're really making each available hour.

Q: How does UnBooked apply yield management to my business?

A: Four easy steps.
1. Review what you are really making per hour (your revenue per available service hour)
2. Apply the right price, based on demand.
3. Sell to customers, old and new, everywhere they're booking online now.
4. Make more money per hour.

Q: What does it cost to use UnBooked?

A: Monthly fee + credit card processing fee per transaction.

Q: How will I determine my yield management pricing with UnBooked?

A: All markets are different, all locations and businesses are different. Cycles of defining and adjusting are necessary.
The majority of your time slots will be sold at their current average price. Then, your extreme slow times and your extreme busy times will be identified. We recommend selling these times at a discount and at a premium.

Q: Does UnBooked replace my booking software?

A: No. UnBooked works WITH your booking software.
UnBooked provides an enhanced customer purchasing page on the front-end, but syncs up with your scheduling software to book on the back-end. This ensures you can put your best foot forward when selling to the customer, all while keeping life-as-you-know-it intact.

Q: Why should I use UnBooked for my online purchasing process instead of the booking software I currently use? 

A: To provide a better online booking experience, generate more bookings, minimize cancellations & no-shows and most importantly maximize profits.
and "to make more money".

Q: Where do I share my UnBooked page?

A: Everywhere your customers are booking now....that is exactly where your UnBooked page needs to be for the best opportunity to maximize your profits.
UnBooked offers automated sharing to your social media sites, directory listings, HTML code for "BOOK NOW" buttons, and email campaigns.

If most of your bookings are coming from the "SCHEDULE" button on your site, then that is where the UnBooked link would go for the highest success rate. Our support team can help make sure you're set up for success.